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Simba a Mody


Viva Italia!

We spent a wonderfull september week at italian coast with my mummy and Barča and our dear friends and their doggies - Qwadoya pack, Arwen, Kairu, Dar, Cairo and Drak. Thank you all for such a great atmosphere and lot of fun :) Hope for next year repeat :)

Some pics of doggies enjoying sea HERE

Last days of summer, sun and watter time...

Little gallery from our summertime in Brno HERE. Starring: Simba and Mod, Bodlák and Kiwi, Elf....and some people who just passed around :)

EE Liberty Pop

Mody´s beautifull sister Popi (Elegant Elephant Liberty Pop) has brand new website and what´s more - there´s first Popi´s litter planned for this year!!! Stay tuned for more info or visit the webpage. Link HERE!


Today 28th August 2011 my best friend and also greatest person in RR skin celebrates his 6th birthday. Let´s wish him all the best and many next B-Day celebrations.....heart U....


Weekend full of showing, coursing, friends and fun

We spent very nice Saturday in Bučovice where two important Basenji events took their place. Firstly it was Basenji Speciality show of Czech Basenji Club. Mody presented herself in hugest class of all - in Open class and got Excellent with 3rd place. Great job, Mody!

Photogaller from the show you can find under THIS LINK

In the afternoon Mody prooved that she is not only pretty face. She competed on Special coursing race for basenjis and finnished as 3rd!!!

Pictures from coursing HERE

And the most important - we spent the great time with our friends heart

Free time photos HERE

Pretty pretty Mody

Mody by Hanka Vitulová

for more pics click on the pic

Elf´s new webpage

Our friend hungarian viszla Elf z Nehvizd has brand new webpage!

Dog Show Brno - Žebětín
As every year this time, me and my friends with doggies participated on Regional Dog Show in Brno CZ. Mody appeared in the ring after a year break and suprised ( or not? :D) all! :) She got Excellent 1 and became Open Class Winnner with continuing as Best Bitch ( BOB is not awarded at this show) and she shined in honour ring and ended as res. BIS Bitch!!!
Few pics kindly made by our friends Tonda and Katka ( IS Eddie) under the pic of winning Mod :)
Last Sunday our great friend Mishel with her PRTs took Mody to coursing training, where Mody succesfully passed two pair courses with sweet basenji girl Bikilu for her official coursing license. Now she needs only one solo course to get the license. I would like to say big THANK YOU to Mishel! heart
Cute pic :) Terka and Mishel with (from left to right): Kiwi, Bodlak, Mody, Lyla, Capone and Simba cool
thanks Gwen for pics :)
Summer time
While rest of dog world is showing and enjoying beautifull Paris, I finally decided for the little update:)
After a click on the pic you can find some hot summer pics of m sweeties.....and I am very happy to announce Mody is coming back to showrings again during the summer...more HERE...I will keep you posted:) please, you keep all your fingers crossed...

A lil´ bit of summer Mody :)

Winter walking pics :) :) :)

Few new christmas pics of my sweeties:)

20.12.2010  Mody´s B-DAY
Today it is two years since the sweetest girl I have ever met was born. I am thankfull to have possibility to know her, live with her and share all the happy and sometimes even bad things with her. She enriched my life like nothing and no one before and hope she will continue and we will be able to spent many days and years together.....I love you, my are my little girl Mody...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Be healthy, please.....

28.8.2010 My sweetheart Simba celebrated his 5th birthday...
...I love you, you are my best forever!